8 phrasal verbs SUPER ÚTILES para reuniones

May 17, 2023

Sé lo que estás pensando:

"Odio los phrasal verbs"

Y lo entiendo.

NO son fáciles pero...

...¡pueden ser muy útiles!

Incluso en reuniones de negocios.

De hecho, un cliente me preguntó sobre ellos hace unos días, así que he pensado en compartir mi respuesta con todos vosotros.

Aquí están mis 8 mejores phrasal verbs para reuniones:

1) call off (suspender/cancelar)
I think we should CALL OFF the meeting considering that the vast majority of the attendees can not make it.

2) bring forward (adelantar)
Could we BRING FORWARD the meeting slightly?

3) put back (retrasar)
I think we will need to PUT BACK the meeting until Friday.

4) look into (investigar)
I will LOOK INTO getting a better deal for the company.

5) weigh up (sopesar)
I think we should WEIGH UP our options carefully.

6) deal with (tratar)
It is an extremely difficult issue to DEAL WITH at this point in time.

7) press on (seguir)
I think we should PRESS ON despite the setbacks.

8) drag on (prolongar)
Let's try to ensure that the meeting does not DRAG ON for too long.

I hope that helps!

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