"A otro perro con ese hueso" en inglés

Nov 22, 2022

Anyone who grew up with an older sibling or cousin will have gone through the experience of getting pranked.

When I was younger, an elder cousin of mine used to tell me that if the wind blew as I sneezed, it would capture my expression and that I’d be stuck with a ‘sneezing face’ for the rest of my life.

Sad to say, I spent the next few years looking at the trees every time I felt a sneeze was coming on.

This was just one of the many tricks this mischievous cousin tried on me. And when I eventually caught on, I told him ‘to another dog with that bone!’

Just kidding. The English equivalent of ‘a otro perro con ese hueso’ isn’t a direct translation.

But what I DID say to him was: Quit joking around!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where a friend’s trying to pull one on you (engañarte), here are some English expressions you can use:

🔹 Nice try, go try that on somebody else!
🔹 Do I look like a 4-year-old to you?
🔹 Pull the other one! (very British)
🔹 Cut it out!

I hope that helps!


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