"Bajar la guardia" en inglés

Nov 24, 2022

‘Bajar la guardia’ en inglés - There are many expressions in the Spanish and English language that, while equal in its message, are phrased differently.

Thankfully, ‘bajar la guardia’ is not one of them! This should be an easy one for you to remember as the English equivalent is a direct translation and used in the exact same way: lower one’s guard.

And if you’re a football fan, you may have seen this expression used pretty often. For example:

⚽ At 2-0 up, Ramos got complacent and lowered his guard, allowing Messi to score two goals in quick succession to level the playing field.

⚽ With 20 minutes left to play and a seven-goal cushion, the Real Madrid defenders can probably afford to lower their guard and save some energy for their next match against Barcelona.

Alternatively, you could also say that Ramos

  • Let his guard down
  • Dropped his guard
  • Got caught off guard/sleeping (a diferencia de las demás expresiones, quiere decir que no bajó la guardia, pero no fue a propósito)

I hope that helps!

Daniel - Tu coach inglés

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