"Como agua de mayo" en inglés

Nov 23, 2022

A los españoles les gusta el agua, a los ingleses les gusta el aire – Rain in Andalucia during the summer is like ‘agua de mayo’ to the residents in the middle of the intolerable heat.

‘Como agua de mayo’ is a new Spanish expression I recently learned and I like it for its simplicity. There is a similar expression in English that’s equally simple. But instead of water, we use air: like a breath of fresh air.

It describes something, someone, or an incident, that provides a positive contrast and change during difficult moments and one that is welcomed.

The Andalucia example aside, you could also say: the boss’s decision to organise a day trip to Toledo for his team was a breath of fresh air and a morale boost amid the long working hours they have been pulling in to finalise the project.

Alternatively, you could also describe it as being a “godsend”, which means a gift from the almighty!

I hope that helps!

Daniel - Tu coach inglés


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