"Cría fama y échate a dormir" en inglés

Nov 23, 2022

Qué tiene que ver un ex-congresista de Estados Unidos con el nombre de un perro - How much do you guys know about Anthony Weiner?

For those who are unfamiliar, he’s an ex US-congressman who was released from jail a few months ago after serving time for having sent obscene texts to a minor. (Or what the media calls a ‘sexting scandal’.)

This disgrace aside, Weiner had actually spent nearly two decades in public office serving the city of New York. But no one’s going to remember him for that. His name and reputation will always be tainted by his sexting scandal.

This is a classic case of what the Spaniards would call: cría fama y échate a dormir.

In English, we say: give a dog a bad name and hang him. It means that once a person attains a bad reputation, it becomes very difficult to distance himself from the bad light.

It’s actually also pretty common to leave out the second part of the idiom and simply say ‘give a dog a bad name’.

I hope that helps!

Daniel - Tu coach inglés

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