Nov 24, 2022

The best overall answer to this issue is that you should try to involve your audience as much as possible!

People have a very limited attention span and when you include them in the process they can remain engaged in your message for a much longer period of time.

A great way to achieve this is by asking your audience a question! When you do this each and every person in the room needs to think about their response and this, in turn, means that people are much more connected to your message.

Of course, you need to be brave to do this, especially because questions are the one element where many Spanish speakers make mistakes! 

Anyway, here is some inspiration in terms of questions:

How many of you know that...?
Can anyone tell me what...?
Does anyone know what...?
Who thinks this statement [on the screen] is correct?

These types of questions energise your audience in a way that a pure information-based presentation never will!

Hope that helps! 

Daniel Smith - Tu coach inglés

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