Nov 23, 2022

I have heard Spanish speakers say this a lot and it is a very useful expression! So useful, in fact, that I am sure some of you have, on occasion, tried to translate it into English! 

So how would you express this in English? Here are some examples of how NOT to do it:

❌ "The first hour at the morning"
❌ "In the morning at first hour"
❌ "Tomorrow morning" (this is fine but does not express your message completely)

Ok, now let's look at how it should be done:

✔️ First thing in the morning...
✔️ First thing on Tuesday morning...
✔️ I will send it to you first thing tomorrow...

You will have noticed that we use the word "thing" which I can imagine is quite strange for you especially because the direct translation of "thing" is "cosa". Well, as you know, English is not logical sometimes and this is one of those occasions! 

The key here is to remember the expression "first thing" and when you hear these two words together you know that someone is talking about "a primera hora".

I hope that helps!

Daniel  - Tu coach inglés

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