"Nunca digas de este agua no beberé" en inglés

Nov 22, 2022

As parents, my wife and I always try to instill confidence and a sense of curiosity in our children. We’d like for them to be inquisitive instead of shying away from the unknown.

So we were dining out one night and ordered a dish with beetroot (remolacha). Irked by the colour, my son decided he wasn’t going to eat it because he didn’t like it — without having tried it.

My wife and I urged him to try but that just forced his ultimate declaration: he was never going to eat beetroots, ever.

To which my wife replied: nunca digas de este agua no beberé.

It’s pretty clear what that expression conveys and it’s really practical advice too. If you’ve ever tried to express this in English, you may have tried a translation: never say that you’ll never drink from this water.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite work! Here are the closest English equivalents:

👉🏻 Never say never - nunca digas nunca
👉🏻 Nothing is impossible - nada es imposible
👉🏻 Anything can happen - cualquier cosa puede pasar

I hope that helps!


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