"Pasarse tres pueblos" en inglés

Nov 24, 2022

Picture this: You’re having a few beers with a couple of old friends and joking around and poking fun at each other. These are friends you’ve known your entire life and have shared wonderful memories with.

It’s all fun and laughter until someone cracks a rather inappropriate or insensitive joke and the whole group goes silent.

In Spanish, you’d say this person ‘se ha pasado tres pueblos’.

It’s an interesting expression because it supposedly applies to missing your destination and essentially ‘going too far’, which is the English equivalent!

Here’s how you’d use it in the situation I just described.

“That’s quite insensitive and not at all funny. I think you’ve gone too far with that joke and it’d do you best to apologise.”

If you want to vary it a little, here are some alternatives you can use:

👉🏻 To cross a line
👉🏻 To be out of line
👉🏻 To overstep your mark
👉🏻 To go over the top
👉🏻 To go out of bounds

I hope that helps!


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