¿"Un día si, un día no" en inglés?

Nov 22, 2022

¿"Un día si, un día no" en inglés?

I like this one because it is an example of perfect Spanglish! So imagine that you have been to the doctor and he has told you that you need to take some medicine! The thing is, you 
don't need to take the medicine every day, in fact, you just need to take it: "un dia si, un dia no". Ok great. So how do you that in English?

The obvious choice would be: "one day yes, one day no".

English would be lovely if it were that easy...but unfortunately, that is wrong. To translate this expression, you need to use the cumbersome and difficult phrase: "Every other day".

So the correct version would be: "I need to take this medicine every other day."

I hope that helps


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